After 17 years of cooking and serving Thai food exclusively, husband and wife team Chef Bee Satongun and Chef Jason Bailey opened their first outlet of Paste Bangkok Thai restaurant in 2013. Their reinterpreted Thai menu quickly made Paste one of the most talked about dining rooms in Bangkok, and led to numerous awards and recognitions, including a Michelin Star in the inaugural 2018 Michelin Guide to Bangkok, and ongoing engagements representing Thai cuisine globally in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Their rigorous attention to detail, plant-rich philosophy and flair for presentation allows them to create refined Thai food with unique, layered depth and complexity.

The decision to open a new Paste venue in Laos stems from a strong desire to pay tribute to the origins of Thai food, and engage more closely with Chef Bee’s roots hearkening back to the hill tribes of Laos. Not to mention the excitement which comes from nearly untapped access to a stunning diversity of wild foraged and cultivated herbs, edible plants and flowers which are far more diverse in general than those readily available in Thailand, including some essential fresh ingredients virtually impossible to acquire elsewhere.

Executive Chef Bee Satongun

Chef Bee’s legendary flavor and textural layering and deep rooted heritage in Thai and Laos food are a fundamental part of her massive success in recent months. This innate ability, combined with 17 years of professional cooking, are the foundation of Paste’s consistency and smooth running kitchens. Organization, attention to detail, and awareness of staff moral are key components to this stunning level of delivery year over year.

The creation of Paste at the Apsara is a deeply emotional experience for Chef Bee. The hill country of Laos is her true ancestral home, and thus the connection to the land runs deep and strong.

It is a rare and wonderful thing to see the brand new evolution and acceptance of a country’s cuisine, and the entire Paste team is excited by the daily challenges of helping to realize this dream.

Chef Patron Jason Bailey

Chef Jason Bailey’s role in Paste has been a bit hidden over the past several years, as he has worked incessantly to hone the kitchen systems, manage business development, fine-tune menu creation and ensure delivery at the highest level of artistic culinary excellence to the customer.

His deep experience in culinary systems and processes, supply chains, and training of cooks and floor staff alike has led to success wherever he applies his heart and mind. In 2012, Jason and Bee, wanting to push much further into the heart of Thai cuisine, moved from the highlands of Australia to Bangkok and jumped headfirst into the intense adventure of developing Paste Bangkok. Together he and Chef Bee had a single, focused dream: to elevate Thai cuisine to previously unknown success among the Thai elite, and gain international recognition.

This business and strategic skill is closely tied to a keen artistic eye, an innate sense of emotional engagement across all the senses, and the voice with which to communicate and deliver that energy through the food which Paste so proudly serves. He has led and trained and cultivated a team which fears no challenge.

Paste Laos represents an unquenchable desire to re-invest, to double down on recent successes and keep pushing further and deeper into regional cuisine, leveraging the systems and loyal teams built over the years,

Exciting times for all.